How To Generate $1-3m In Pipeline Value Within 12 Months For Your B2B Venture

Through Our Hyper Efficient LinkedIn + Omni-Presence Matrix. Without Spending $500-$1,000 Per Demo, Making New Ad Creatives Weekly, Or Hiring New SDRs👇

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Is This You?


You don't wanna hire SDRs, Appointment Setters, Or VAs to have them on pay-role to get you mediocre results.


You don't have the resources or time to make ad creatives every week, and spend $500-$1,000 per demo that may or may not be qualified.


Your pipeline is unpredictable and you don't have the skillsets to fill it up, and you don't have the time or energy to hire & train a sales team.

10 Sales Opportunities From 241 Contacts For A Marketing Agency

16 Sales Opportunities After 288 Contacted

Our Process


Develop a SHARP understanding of your current problems (with great specificity), your ideal customer, your offer, and the gaps


Assess EXACTLY how we can help, and build a custom solution around your current state. Build a documented action plan, and a path to get results.


We intend to act with SPEED the micro-second you join us. No poking around or relaxing. We must act fast to get results fast.


We use a SaaS based system to track, automate, and speed up the process.


We'll build you high converting sales assets that turn cold prospects into paying customers


The lead ACTUALLY SHOWS UP and if they don't, you do not pay. You simply close the deal and collect the cash.

What's Included

LinkedIn Automation

Primary initial touch point for our outreach systems.

Text + Dial Follow Ups

Your dialer will text and dial your leads with verified cell no.s to follow up with interested leads, booked leads, or leads that simply need to be followed up with.

About Us

Meet Keelan Lee, Founder of NeonAcquistions.comBeen in the outbound prospecting space for 3 years and counting. Started my first E-commerce marketing firm back in late 2019, early 2020.Built on the principles of data driven, results driven, and client relationships.(I love me a nice Cigar, and a good cup of coffee. No milk tho)

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